My name is Jade.

By day, I am an NLP engineer at Retro Rabbit where I build all kinds of things. I was once dubbed as “Full-stack ML” because I’ve worked at every end of putting a ML model into production - from wrangling the data, to training the models, to deploying and scaling in production, to adding results to the database, and repeating the cycle over and over - with a focus on data ops and devops.

By night, I lead Masakhane, a grassroots open research movement for NLP for African languages. I am extremely passionate about changing the way Africa and Africans are currently percieved by the Western world. I wish to empower the world by empowering Africans from all walks of life to participate in the global conversation.

In-between, I tweet extensively and angrily.

And sometimes, I take that anger out musically